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When is too much selection a bad thing? Well, the Android Market seems to be trying its best to find out. Variety is fantastic, open market also a great idea, but when the market is being flooded with apps that are not well made and lets be honest, complete garbage, what is the real affect?

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Some argue that by allowing anyone to add an app to the Android Market will only boost the value of quality apps it is also turning people off from the market altogether. That’s why finding the best android apps is a full-time job. Sifting through the mega boom of apps and cherry-picking is being left up to reviewers because the consumer has decided, and rightly so, that wasting their time on every app to pop on the market is a completely draining experience.

Another marketing problem that the Android Market is facing is that consumer confidence is dropping quickly. If you can get as many lame and half-baked apps as you want for free, what is the quality filter for paid apps? Let the buyer beware is being taken advantage of by the Android Market and this seemingly lazy approach to quality control will ultimately hurt the market. The one positive to this is that, much like a movie reviewer, the opinion of app reviewers are becoming highly prized.

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When you are looking at an app review, try to keep in mind what the objective of that review is. If the app can do no wrong, is the most amazing app ever, but is receiving thousands of customer complaints, then obviously that review is biased. Trust a review that is honest, that lets you know what the faults are and not just the great aspects of the app.

Lets take a closer look at an app that the Android Market lists as a Top Paid App: At Bat 11. The concept of this app is great, it is backed by the MLB and if you are a Baseball fan, that $14.99 price tag might not seem that much to listen and watching baseball live all season. However, there are so many issues with this app, that many are trying to get refunds. Not only are there problems across different types of devices, there’s also major problems with phones that meet the requirements. This is the type of quality control issue that is ruining the reputation of the Android Market. The Market takes not responsibility for the apps that appear on the site. If you want a refund, you will be referred to the makers of the app. You may end up getting the runaround and never see that $14.99 again.

Android Market

There will need to be more accountability, especially when the Android Market is referring to apps as Top Free and Top Paid and virtually ignoring the customer outcry at the lack of quality of those apps. We absolutely love Google and the Android here at Best Android Apps and that is why we are so adamant about Google accepting more responsibility for the products appearing on their Android Market.

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