TuneIn Radio Android App

TuneIn Radio Android App

Tune In


The TuneIn Radio app for the Android phones isĀ  a program that allows users to browse and listen to a large variety of radio stations. It is produced by Radio time and the lists of stations available are both local as well as radio stations from around the world. The app offers more than forty thousand different channels with topics from music and sports to live podcasts and national news networks.

It is largely considered one of the best applications for streaming live and internet radio and has great audio quality. It can be used on either a 3G or wireless connection and the audio quality will not be affected. The app also allows users to stream the sound while using the phone simultaneously to run other applications.

One of the downfalls of the app is that it does not allow users to record and playback live radio as the iOS version of the app does. The app is free of charge and this perk outweighs the lack of recording capabilities.


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  1. Mdeva says:

    If your car radio worked as poorly as Tunein, you’d bring it to the shop. Admittedly part of the problem is that Verizon SUCKS, so streaming is choppy and connections are routinely lost, but in addition, Tunein itself has trouble keeping a signal and doesn’t have “the rights” (I guess) to sporting events that you could listen to on the very same stations if you listened on a traditional radio. I don’t know. Tunein is like a woman who bitches and complains but gives you a ride. You keep going back to her but in thr end wonder why. Same with Tunein; I try it for a little while till I get really annoyed and leave “her” for a week or two – then come back just to get annoyed again.

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