Mario Batali Cooks! App for Android

Ladies and Gentlemen, this app is what happens when a developer secures the rights to a famous person’s name and no one from the celebrity’s staff takes a look at it before it is released.  Ah, this is a steaming piece of meatball.  We couldn’t figure this one out at all; Mario is quoted as saying he made 100% of the content.  Maybe the recipes we thought but he goes on to say that it is the most advanced, robust and comprehensive cooking app ever built.  Obviously Mario Batali has never played Cooking Mama because if he had he wouldn’t be making such outlandish claims. 

If you want to spend $4.99 on a cookbook that’s cool go for it.  It does have some ok features like timers for specific recipes.  That is something we hadn’t seen before.  We haven’t figured out if Mario is handling his own tech support too.  If anyone knows drop us a comment.  

Why is this a best android app?  Simply because there aren’t that many cooking apps.  It could use a lot more work and might eventually be worth the price, but as it is right now, it is merely eh.

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  1. pail bocuse says:

    eh?? you say eh?? why dont you take a look around at the mediocre text only content in thefood world and compare this to all other cooking aps? what do you suggest about the celebrity staff not looking at this ap,? the content is pure and real and looks a lot like mario was involved every step of the way maybe you should take off the assglasses you must have put on this morning d bag

  2. admin says:

    Pail Bocuse, thanks for your comments. I am a little surprised you didn’t make any references to my mother. It is nice that you are so inspired by a cooking app as we are big into cooking also. Mario Batali is a bit of a perfectionist, well at least with cooking; after using this app do you really think that he would have released it in the condition that it is in?

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