Best Droid App Review Micronytes

One of the things the android app market brought to the smartphone was many more advanced platform games that the iphone did not offer. One of the new and fun games available on the droid is Micronytes. The game app features HD graphics which will amaze even the experienced android users, and while is still experiencing some game play difficulty the developer is always working on updates.

It features a total of 80 levels as well as a alternative ending to the game if users are able to unlock it. It does take up a fair amount of memory so it would be likely the phone would need an additional SD card in order to enjoy the addictive fun. The game play is focused around a action game where the character is running and jumping through levels in the hopes of finding all of the gems. Controls are easy with a left or right tap determining which direction to go, and a simple shake of the phone in order to jump.

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