Best Android Tablet Apps a Quick Rundown

Here are some of the Best Android Tablet Apps as featured on the Droid Market.  A quick rundown is provided so that you can make a quick decision based on the apps that are featured here.  If it says Think About, that generally means that it is either made for a specific niche interest or that there are good features that are weighed against negatives such as poor graphics.

best droid tablet apps

Pool Break Demo Pass, Features too Limited and Still Buggy

CNN App for Android Pass, Too many bugs, will be better on next patch release.

Electrum Drum Machine Get, Great app, entertaining and works well.

Speedx 3D Get, Terrific game and challenging, worth the download.

Grocery iQ Must Have, One of the better home productivity apps on the market.  Works great.

Vendetta Online Think About, If you like MMORPGs then this is a good find, the controls are poor at times, graphics are great, but as they improve on it this will definitely have a lot of subscribers.

Alert Map Pass Pass, This app is released under the guise of helping people while its bug filled release is obviously just playing on the fears created by the recent tragedy in Japan.  This app would be a great idea, for a global messaging app, however it was obviously released way too soon and is completely glitched out.

Google Body Think About, if you are studying anatomy then this is a good app to grab.  There are a few bugs but nothing that is too annoying.  Haven’t had to force close it so that’s always a good sign for an app right?

Fruit Ninja Must Have, Ninja’s slicing fruit with sharp swords, yes.

Can Knockdown 2 Get, this is an ok game, it is a lot of fun for about 2 weeks but you will eventually let it drift away in a sea of apps you forgot to delete.

Backbreatker THD Get, this is a pretty sweet game graphically, the controls are a little difficult to get accustomed to but it is very challenging and an overall well made game app.

Aquarium Live Wallpaper Think About, this is a great app if your device supports it.  Several people have had problems across several types of devices.  It’s a fun little live wallpaper but not highly realistic.  Don’t expect too much from it.

USA Today for Tablet Must Have, Works great, does eat some resources, but everything looks good and works right.  Great place to get your news.

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  1. My favorite is the dolphin browser. Must have. Can’t wait for more plugins to become available.

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