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3D MMORPG? Well if you have been looking for an MMORPG fix for your Android, then Vendetta Online is here.  You are an intergalactic space pilot that is building an empire.  You trade between space stations and pirates in… did we mention space?  Space. 

You battle other players and or play co-op and help each other fight the evil forces of the Hive.  We assume they are evil, well because they sound very similar to the Borg.  There are massive online battles should you decide to join your nation’s military.  Yes, so the app is 99 cents, but there is an online subscription fee. 

If you are hardcore into Space empire building and fighting games then you will probably love this.  They do give you a free 16 hour trial in the online game.  Keep in mind though, that is 16 hours of IN GAME time, which means you can spread that out over as many days as you want. 

Vendetta Online is a PC based game ported to the Android for Tablets.  The system requirements demand 7inch or greater screens.  If you are really into Vendetta Online enough to pay a subscription and have a tablet, then you will get a lot from this app.

Best Android Apps

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  1. Jace Hall says:

    Guys, I love your site. It’s a little retro, a little bit rock and roll. This is my number one site for checking on apps, since I roll with the DROID. This game is amazing, but seriously, it cuts into the World of Warcraft time so I had to drop it. If you like MMORPG + Galaxy Quest + Star Trek then this is the gaming app for you.

  2. Erica Rhodes says:

    Thank you for making a site where I can find out about apps for my droid. I like games and all, but I really want more reviews on utility apps for scheduling and stuff like that!

    This game, even though it was free to try was just too involved from me.



  3. Adinda says:

    If it is a generic teablt the lock is only on the pause menu. Just hold the power down to shut down and when you restart you? will have the desktop. Go into settings and remove lock. next time write it down if you have a need for a password since anybody can bypass it.

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