Best Android Apps Review Cadeli Drum Machine

The new musicĀ  making app the Cadeli Drum Machine is packed to the brim with features and different mixing capabilities. It supports the export of both WAV as well as MIDI audio files and has the most mixing capabilities of any music making app available on android.

Some of the editing abilities include a humanizer, a pattern playlist, a randomizer, a pan and level mixer and a pattern based step sequencer. While the interface of the program is nothing new or special, the abilities make up for the lack of design.

There are a variety of sample kits and patterns available to use which help beginners get into creating their own beats. The number of features and the way it is designed make it more difficult to use if one does not have a large screen android phone. It also seems to be a little complicated at the beginning and takes some time to get used to the format and where the features are located. Free trial is available and the cost for purchase is $1.36

best android apps review cadeli drum machine

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  1. Tom says:

    I really like this Android drum app

  2. Korbyn says:

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