Android App review: Lookout Mobile Security

The android app Lookout Mobile Security, is much like a anti-virus program that can be found on a computer. It protects the phone against possible spyware and malware. It also features something that every phone user should have; a find your phone feature.

How many times has a phone been lost, only to be found after a new one has been purchased? The app allows the owner to find their phone through various methods including locating it on Google maps, remotely enabling GPS and activating a loud alarm even if the phone is on silent.

The security feature scans all app downloads for safety and also prevents possible viruses to be transferred from phone to computer during updates. The app also allows for a backup and restore feature in order to save contacts and phone settings. The information is stored online at  The best part of this android app is that it is completely free of charge.

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Android App Review Lookout Mobile Security

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  1. Fox says:

    Lookout detection rate is only medium, people can try AVG, AppScan Beta and so on.

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