FlexT9 Speak-Trace-Write-Tap Android app Review


The FlexT9 Speak-Trace-Write-Tap Android app is a great way to get all of the functioning texting perks in a single keyboard.  This app also features the super popular Dragon Diction that is the most accurate voice to text engine out there on the market today.



  • The FlexT9 app is a great way to get a full functioning keyboard that has all of the perks and features that you could want
  • There are essentially four different ways to use the keyboard and they involve either speaking, tracing, writing, or tapping
  • The speech part of the app uses the accuracy of the same Dragon Dictation engine from earlier apps and it is far more accurate than the leading Google engine out ther
  • The tracing part of the app is just like other popular swiping apps where you simply glide your finger from letter to letter without having to type it out
  • There is also a handwritten feature where you can just write things out and the keyboard will start to recognize your written letters
  • last of all you can use it as a normal keyboard where you just tap out all of the different letters


The best part about this app is the Dragon Dictation.  This is far more accurate than the Google engine for converting speech to text and is far more awesome.  It pulls in an efficiency of 99% to 97% most of the time during the translations.  This four in one keyboard was created by Nuance and is sitting above most other keyboard options that are available for the Android right now.  The keyboard includes incredibly accurate voice to text abilities as well as the opportunity to use the Trace feature which is much like the slideit or swype apps that are out there.  This makes texting much easier and much more fluid.  You also get to write letters that will be recognized byt he handwriting feature.  Last of all, you can use the traditional tapping method in order to input text and send out messages.  Overall this app is pretty sweet and is also pretty simple to use.  It has a bit of a higher price at 5 dollars but the dragon dictation makes it all worth it.

This app has been given a pretty good rating and is currently sitting at 4.4. out of 5 stars in the rating system.  It also can be downloaded off of the Android app market for a price of $4.99.

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