TGI Black Friday Android app Review


The TGI Black Friday app is the best way to get prepped for the shopping madness that is Black Friday.



  • This little shopping app can be your very best friend once Black Friday and the holidays roll around.  You can get the advertisements onto your phone before they are ever in the newspaper
  • You will be able to use all kinds of features including the ability to view the ads as PDF’s, download them, and even print them out
  • You can then use the app to make a shopping list for yourself of all of your favorite deals so that you can email them to other friends who might be interested in similar items
  • Last of all you can do some price comparisons to see where the best deals are for certain items


There is no day of the year that is crazier than Black Friday.  It is the single most popular shopping day of the year.  Stores offer crazy discounts on all kinds of items and people will camp outside of the store in order to be the first ones to get a hold of the items they are craving.  The problem is that there are so many different people all trying to get in and get stuff and get out that you may miss some of the really good deals when you show up a person too late for the thing you were looking for.  So how do you accurately prepare for such big deals?  With the help of TGI Black Friday of course.  You will be able to see all of the advertisements for black Friday before you ever go shopping. You will be able to see a huge list of sales and deals from a variety of different retailers so that you can have it on you at all times.  You have a few different ways that you can search for items as well.  You can either search for them by the name of the product or you can opt to search for them through other avenues such as the actual store, the category the products fit into, or even by the items that have been rated the most popular out of all of them.  This is a great shopping app and can help save you a lot of the stress and frustration that comes from not knowing enough about the deals you are trying to secure.

This app has been given a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by shoppers that are currently using the app to get ready for the holidays.  This app can also be downloaded for free off of the Android app market.

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