Sprint ID: Small Biz Android app Review


This is the best way for you to get all of the important apps on your phone for owning and operating a small business.

Sprint ID: Small Biz


  • This app was created by Handmark and they have really done a great job in offering a variety of helpful apps that can help you to be as productive as you want while you are out on the go
  • You will be able to use apps like MyAssist, Carrmatey, Flightview, and Tripit to help you whenever you are traveling and need some help finding where you parked and also to know the airline info
  • You might also use a bunch of business apps like Express News, UPS, Dropbox, and many more to help you to stay in touch with your clients
  • The pack also has your favorite social networking apps to help you stay in touch with friends and family through the use of Tweetcast and Facebook
  • This pack has mostly free apps, but there are going to be some that cost money in order to access the premium content
  • You can also use the Intuit GoPayment app in order to process any credit card that you might have so that you can get a receipt out to your customer in no time


This little small business pack is great because it will give you all of the tools that you need in order to run a small business.  You can use all of the apps it gives for banking, shipping, renting cars, travel, managing documents, getting hotels and airlines, and so much more.  You will be able to be incredibly efficient even when you are out of the office.  These tools are great because they have a Dropbox, tracking information on  your shipments, and you can also get feeds of the latest world news as well as send social networking updates to Twitter and Facebook.  You can manage your calendar, learn how to juggle it, and leave notes and all kinds of information so that reminders will come up at the appropriate times.  Overall, this is just a great app to get all of the different tools that you need in order to keep your business successful even when you are out and about trying to get things done.

This app has been given favorable ratings and currently sits at a 4.5 out of 5 stars from the people that have reviewed it.  You can also download this app onto your Android phone for free.

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