*Spark Android app Review


The *Spark Android app is a great way to replace your default home screen.



  • If you love to have a customizable home screen that has all of your main needs in one place then you will probably love the Spark Android app
  • This is a great alternate to your normal home screen and will give you the opportunity to quickly and effectively update your social networks including Facebook and Twitter.
  • You can also get all the news stories you want as well as any sports scores or updates that you are searching for
  • You might also like the weather widget so you always know what the temperature is as well as the Groupon deals that are featured on there
  • The User Interface on this app is totally slick and you will love how easy it is for you to use
  • You can also get into the settings tab and configure a lot of features so that they are how you want them to be and how often you want them to update


Do you ever get tired of your home screen replacement app?  Do you ever wish you had something that had more features and was easier to use?  Well the *Spark Android app might be a good fit for you if you are in this picky category.  This app has a pretty slick UI that you can use that will let you see all kinds of things like weather, shortcuts to your most used Android apps, and a lot more.  You can also use it to see any online deals from Groupon or you can see breaking news that is happening in your area or around the world. There also is a widget there to post status updates to both your Twitter and Facebook accounts all at the same time.  You can see the social network streams that you like the most and you can also make calls and open up all of the apps.  There are a few gripes about this app though, including the fact that it hogs a lot of internal memory while using the app and you can’t rearrange where the widgets are so the customization is at an all time low.  On top of that you can’t even change the background picture so you just have to deal with what comes up.  Also if you don’t make some changes in the settings tab then be prepared to have your phone die on you pretty quickly because this app is a battery drain.

This app has been given pretty good ratings and currently is sitting at a 4 out of 5 star rating by multiple reviewers and the real bonus of the app is that it is completely free for you to download.

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