Scanner Radio Android app Review


The Scanner Radio app is a great way to tune into all of the different channels happening in your area and around the world.



  • This nifty little app will let you listen to all kinds of different audio streams from fire scanners, and police scanners, railroad communication, weather broadcasts, and much more
  • There are over 2300 different scanners that you can browse through in order to find one that you like
  • You can volunteer on the app to add your area to the list of audios.  You can also follow the developers on Twitter in order to keep up to date on the latest info
  • There are pretty quality transmissions found on the app over the 3G connection which is a relief
  • Also, you can use the geo locating features to find scanners that are in your area
  • You can chat with other listeners and even be notified if a channel gets hot so that you can tune into what everybody is listening to
  • You also get details on all of the frequencies that are being monitored on the channels


If you love the radio then this app would be a good fit for you.  You will need to either use your 4G, 3G or Wifi connection in order to use the app but you will be able to radio in on all kinds of radio transmissions that are happening all over the country or even just in your area.  One of the nice things about the app is that you don’t actually have to know the radio frequencies in order to use the Scanner Radio app.  You can actually have a blast just chatting with other people who are listening, or you can use the favorites feature in order to set up your very favorite channels.  This way you can be alerted every time a channel gets popular because of all of the listeners on it.  The quality of sound on this app is actually also very good.  You can also see the top 50 most popular and much more.  The only cons to this app are that the amount of channels are a bit limited because they are driven by volunteers and also there are some feeds that are listed on the app but don’t actually work at all.  You have to do some sifting to find the reliable ones.

This app has been given a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by Android app users that have checked it out and have downloaded it onto their Android phones.  You can download this app from off of the Android app market for a price of $2.49.

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