Pocket Legends Android app Review


The Pocket Legends Android app is the premier Massive multiplayer online game for mobile phones.



  • The Pocket Legends Android app is a great way to get a taste of the vast massive multiplayer online games that are out there.  You will be able to interact with all kinds of people and places
  • This game allows you to fully customize and modify your character to make sure that they meet all of your needs.  You will have to pick the characteristics that like the most
  • You will also have the opportunity to go on a bunch of different quests.  These will allow you to gain experience and to upgrade all of your statistics so that your character is a lot stronger
  • You will also be able to discover the entire world that has been created by Pocket Legends in order for you to fully enjoy the game
  • You can interact with thousands of people from all over the world when you are playing the game and it is actually pretty smooth 3D graphics even with a lot of people on screen
  • The gameplay also works across platforms so you can play with people on the iPhone as well
  • There is a ton of content to keep you coming back over and over again and you also will be able to save the game on your SD card if you so choose toi


If you love massive online multiplayer games then you have come to the right place.   The Pocket Legends Android app will give you a taste of World of Warcraft on you mobile platform.  This game has it all.  You will be able to explore a massive online world that has a lot going on in it.  Not only that there are literally thousands, if not many more, that are on there playing as well so you can meet new people and create clans and stuff.  You will also love the ability you have to modify your character and customize it quite a bit.  There are a few quirks with the game though, including the fact that if you have a lower end device the game might not run nearly as smooth.  Also you need to buy some of the premium content in order to completely unlock the game and play all that there is to offer.  This isn’t very clear when you first get it but you end up realizing it a you start playing the game and enjoying it.  Overall a great multiplayer virtual fantasy world game.

This app has been given awesome ratings from the people that have actually played it.  It currently has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars and is free to download.

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