Cows Don’t Fly Android app Review


A unique title leads to an even more original game.  Check out the Cows Don’t Fly Andoid app and see for yourself.



  • In this very unique title, you will have to take Cutie and go out and chase the stars.  As you go through the levels you will discover the reasons why cows don’t fly!
  • The game is packed with nifty features such as graphics that are so cute they will make your eyes water, as well as some good music to go along with it.
  • The gameplay is very addiciting and you will have to use the accelerometer in order to make your character jump in the right direction.  You can also long press for an extended glide
  • There are over 15 different levels in the game and that includes over two different game modes that you can try your hand at
  • This game also has connectivity to Open Feint so that you can see where you rank on the leaderboards and also the achievements that you can get
  • The game gets harder the longer that you go


The title alone has enough weirdness about it to capture your attention, but the game is also very unique so it seems to fit.  This game will have you using the accelerometer to try and tilt the screen left and right and make your little cutie character go in whatever direction you choose.  You can make the character jump the direction of the floating pointer that is on top of his head.  There are a lot of tips that you can use to try and help make your gameplay experience a bit better including the fact that if you press down for an extended period of time, the Cutie character will glide out for a really  long jump in whatever way he is pointed.  The whole point of the game is to try and collect as many items as you can.  You will come across stars, hearts, and other things as you go along and try to open up the portal that lets you know that you complete the level.  You will also have to avoid spikes and other obstacles like the water.  If you want a real good time with this game then go ahead and try out the “challenge” mode were you have to race against the water to see if you can jump high enough while using the little gravitational orbs.

This app has been given a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars by multiple Android app users that have played the game.  It also will cost you $2.35 for you to purchase and download it off of the Android app Market.

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