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Many people wonder what the best apps are and Appsfire Android app is here to make sure people know what’s up.



  • If you are wondering what the best apps are on the Android then look no further than the Appsfire app on the Android
  • One of the best features that this app offers is that you can get recommendations on what apps to download based on what you already have installed on your phone.  The app also takes into account the geography of where you live and what other people have downloaded in your area
  • You will be able to get recommendations from very important people as well as Android experts that have seen a lot of different apps
  • Once you have gotten the suggestions you can then share the apps or email them to your friends and family in order to let them see what is good
  • You can also create lists of apps with a single click of your finger and you can even move the good apps over to the SD card to save space
  • You can also uninstall the apps at any time just clicking once
  • You will be able to get appmixes as well as additional information so that you can get quick links to the Google Android app market


Have you ever wondered what the best apps are out there?  Well now you can have help thanks to the Appsfire app for Android.  This app is great because it actually is a recommendation service that is quite close to the AppBrain app that will actually give you suggestions based on the apps that you already have downloaded onto your smart phone.   You will be able to see what other important people have downloaded and purchased and you can also see the top apps in both the paid and free sections.  The integration in this app is also really good and you will be able to get information pretty quickly and then you can download any of the apps that you are actually interested in.  There is also a really cool feature called the “Firemeter” which will allow you to see how hot the app currently is on the Android market.  You can also share the apps via email and there is also a feature where you can see a grid of app icons that have there iOS offering.  The only con to the app is that the personalized app recommendations that don’t appear right off the bat.  Sometimes it can take a few days to get them to come up.

This app has been given a rating of 4 out of 5 stars by Android app users and overall is a pretty good app.  The other bonus to this application is that it is free to download off of the Android app market.

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