SwiftKey Keyboard Android app Review


The SwiftKey Keyboard can accurately predict your sentences to make typing on your Android that much faster.



  • A lot of different features included here on the SwiftKey Keyboard Android app.  First of all.,the entire application is centered around making your typing faster, smarter, and much easier than it was previously
  • One of the main features for this app is its ability to predict the next word in your sentence.  It will actually learn the writing style of the person using it and give next word predictions that you can choose from
  • Another thing that the app does is showcase its own error correction technology so that you won’t have to go back and fix every word that you misspelled while texting
  • It has the ability to auto learn new words that you type into the app so that you can use them again for future texting purposes
  • There is also a voice-to-text  ability so you can just speak into the phone and have it translate into the written word
  • The user interface also includes multi-touch, and has the ability to support two different languages.
  • You can also get a lot of help from the online support.swiftkey.net site.  You can get all kinds of bug fixes and new features from off of that site


This is probably one of the coolest texting apps out on the market today.  It can really make your typing about twice as fast as it used to be.  One of the best parts about this app is that after it learns your writing style, it will actually predict the next word in your sentence or give you variations of it that you can choose from.  These little word predictions can come in handy and it is pretty amazing that technology can learn a writing style.  The actual word predictions will show up on the left or the right in little word slots so that you can pick from them.  Also, the keyboard is really user friendly and makes typing so much easier.  Once you use the app enough a lot of times you can just press the space key for a while and have it predict your entire sentence.  So cool.

This Android app has been given a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars by Android app critics and is considered one of the best typing apps for this operating system.  You can download this app onto your Android phone for only $3.99.  There is obviously a free trial you can check out before you purchase it.

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