Spaghetti Marshmallows Android app Review


The Spaghetti Marshmallows Android app is a fun little way to pass the time while building unique structures.



  • This is an extremely fun puzzle game where you will work with simple sticks of spaghetti and marshmallows in order to build up to the next level in the game.  If you have too much weight on your spaghetti it will bend and snap and break your entire structure
  • You can destroy everything and here all kinds of snapping spaghetti as you send your marshmallows flying to the ground
  • This is a fun and original brain teaser that will have you carefully placing your next spaghetti stick and marshmallow in order to create your structure
  • The game is actually pretty big and has over 43 different levels that you can try out your creativity on
  • Another thing that you will have to do in the game is find out how to stop all of the hungry frogs by swinging them around in the air
  • Also, you can use balloons to send your structures right into the air


Remember when you were a kid and you tried out for the math and science olympiad by creating a tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti sticks?  Well now you can relive those moments with the help of the Spaghetti Marshmallows Android app!  This is actually a very challenging puzzle app and will have you trying all kinds of different strategies in order to get the right results. The objective of the game is to create a structure out of all of your marshmallows and spaghetti where you have to end up where all of the different hoops are placed.  Once the hoops are placed within the spaghetti and marshmallow strings you have to have it created without breaking the structure itself.  Kind of hard to explain, but very fun to play.  You simply click anywhere in order drop the mallows and then you just pin it together with some of the spaghetti.  You have to do this over and over again to create your original structures out of it.  The only grip that users have had with this game is that it does not keep the screen turned on.  This is a minor bug that can be fixed with an update is all.

This app has been given a rating of  4.5 out of 5 stars by Android app users and critics alike.  One of the best parts about the app, however, is that you can download it onto your mobile phone for absolutely free in order to try it out.

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