Adobe AIR Android app Review


The Adobe AIR Android app is a great app to have on your phone because it supports a lot of developmental tools that will be used in producing and developing many more of the games and information apps that are coming out on the Android.



  • The Adobe AIR Android app is a really cool app that allows you to view all of your favorite web apps while just accessing them from your smart phone
  • All you have to do to get the app on your phone is to agree to the software license agreement and then install it right onto your phone
  • This is an app that is meant to be for any phones that are Android 2.2 or higher otherwise it won’t run on your phone
  • The main use for this app is that it opens up a lot more doors for the Adobe AIR developer tools to be used when they are creating games as well as other information applications
  • This is an important app to have installed on your phone to be able to enjoy all of the future gems that will come out on the Android app marketplace


The Adobe AIR Android app is a development runtime app that allows you to play all kinds of games and other apps that are AIR based.  This application is for any Android device that is 2.2 or above and is opening all kinds of doors for developers to be able to produce better games and apps.  This is a very innovative app and runs atop the Android.  There is a lot of quality attached to an app like this and it will be able to add to the processing power and storage space of your phone.  This will only make your smartphone better and will open up a world of new possibilities.  The only grip about this app is just that it is a really large file to download onto your phone without any apps to sd card support.  Other than that though, this is completely worth downloading since most developers from here on out will be using this as their primary medium in creating their new games and services.

This app has been given a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars and will give you phone a lot of extra abilities and functions.  The other great part about this app is that it is entirely free for you to download.

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