Rdio Android app Review


In the Rdio Android app you will have access to all kinds of high quality streaming mp3’s and also be able to follow people that have really good taste in music so that you can find new artists.



  • This is a brand new music service that provides high quality streaming music while on a subscription service.  You will be able to access all kinds of features while using this app
  • One of the cool things that you can do with this app is that you will be able to follow other friends that have really good musical taste so that you can find some new artists to enjoy
  • You will be able to do things such as syncing your songs as well as syncing albums and playlists so that you can actually  listen to the music even when you aren’t connected to the internet
  • The audio is in unusually high quality and you will be able to have access to millions of songs that are located in the database of the app
  • You can also purchase some of the DRM-free songs right from the website (sadly you can’t do it form the app yet)


The Rdio Android app is a music service that is streaming that you can use for both mobile purposes as well as web purposes.  There are a couple things that are unique to this app that help it to stand out above other music streaming apps out there.  The first is that you can actually save a variety of songs locally so that you can play them even when you don’t have an internet connection.  The other is that you can also do some social surfing to be able to find different music that you and your friends could possibly like.  The other nice thing about the app is that you will actually get a free trial of three days so you can test it out, and then after that it is $4.99 a month.  If you decide that you absolutely love the app then you can upgrade to the $9.99 a month in order to get the unlimited package.  You can also buy the DRM-free music but you have to actually do it from the web because it is not currently accessible on the app.  The only real con to this app is that although the user interface is pretty slick and looks really nice, it’s actually not the most intuitive thing that was ever created for a mobile phone app.

The rating for this Android app is currently at 4.1 out of 5 stars.  This is a cool social music subscription idea and you can download it onto your phone for a free trial, but after your free trial is up then it comes out to be either $4.99 a month, or $9.99 a month if you want unlimited use of it.

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