Chicago Blackhawks Android app Review


This is the official Chicago Blackhawks Android app out for people to use while on the go.



  • This app has TONS of features!  This is the official app for the Chicago Blackhawks and you will be as close to the team as you can get without actually playing with them
  • You will be able to access the Blackhawks tv channel so that you can see video clips of the team and the players.  You will also  be able to access the pictures in the photogallery while using the slide show
  • You can actually browse the officially bars feature in order to watch the game at a local bar in Chicago.  This only works if you are in Chicago, obviously.  You can get the contact info as well as the location of each place
  • There is also some breaking news stories that you can read in order to see what the latest headlines are.  You can also see the tweets that are put out by the BlackHawks themselves
  • You will be able to check out the monthly calendar in order to get the game schedule.  You will be able to see teams by their division, league standings, and even conference
  • You can use the sharing features that are connected to the social networking sites or you can just buy tickets from the in app feature that is provided for you


If you love hockey and you love the Blackhawks, then this should be a perfect fit for you.  This app has a lot of different features and does a lot to keep you updated on all things hockey.  You will be able to even buy tickets to your favorite games straight from the app using the ticket master mobile.  This is a great way to stay connected with your favorite team while you are on the go.  You can see all of the team stats as well as individual player stats as well.  With so much to do, you can spend hours on this app soaking up all of the sports information.  There are only a couple of cons to the app and they deal with the user interface.  Occasionally it will freeze at the splash screen and just hand there.  Also, the one main thing that it is missing is that there is no option for notifications.  You won’t be able to see what channels the games will actually be aired on and also there is not a home screen widget that is very functional.

This is actually one of the better official sports app out there for a professional team.  The app has been given a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars and currently can be downloaded onto your Android phone for free!

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