Carrr Matey Android app Review


The Carrr Matey Android app is one of the best apps in order to find your car after a long day of shopping or events.



  • Are you one of those people that is always losing their car in a busy parking garage?  Well that doesn’t have to happen anymore with the introduction of the Carrr Matey app for the Android
  • You will be able to use the CM app to access the GPS in your phone to make sure that you tag your car and can come back to find it at a later time
  • You will be able to use ancillary and compass functions in order to guide yourself back to your car without much of a hassle at all
  • This is the perfect app to use if you are constantly parking at large stadiums, airports, malls for shopping, and many other areas
  • You can also access the timer at the meters in order to make sure that you always get back out in time to pay your meter so that you don’t ever have to pay tickets for parking


Who doesn’t love a good pirate themed app?  Especially one that is as helpful as finding your parked car in a huge parking lot?  The Carrr Matey Android app is a great app that will help you to set the GPS location of wherever your car is parked and then lets you use a built in compass and ancillary feature that will allow you to find your car when you go back out after your long day of shopping.  You will be able to park your car in any crowded parking garage and still be able to find it fairly accurately.  You will also have the option to be able to jot down a few things about useful signs or landmarks that will help you remember where your car is parked.  You can use this handwriting option when you access the Harbor Mode.  You can put down things like the space, the color, the level, and also the letter of the parking area.  This app is the most useful when you live in a metro area that has a lot of cars and things like parking meters.  You can also set a timer on the actual app so that you don’t ever get tickets for late meters.

This app has been given a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars by multiple Android app users that have tried out the app and found it useful.  The other big bonus to an app like this is that you can download it onto your Android phone for absolutely free.

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