Ximonic Android app Review


The Ximonic Android app is one of the best free music streaming media players out there for the Android.


  • For a free music streaming app, this little guy isn’t half bad.  The Ximonic Android app is great because you can get all kinds of music from many different artists that are out there
  • The search features on the app are also pretty awesome.  You can make your search specific to the title of the song, the name of the artist, the playlist it is located on, or even the EP
  • This app is great because you can save space on your phone by not putting a ton of gigabytes of music on it. Instead you just need an internet connection and you can have all kinds of music playing
  • This app is great because you will never have to worry about signing up with any program or doing any kind of subscription


In the Ximonic Android app you will get a pretty cool little music app that will allow you to stream all kinds of music from your favorite artists.  All you have to do is just search the artist and you will find all kinds of different songs on there.  The search features on the app are some of the best around because you can either search by the playlist, by the EP, or even by the song or artist.  There are kind of two parts to this app.  The good part is that there really is a ton of free streaming music that you can listen to and that makes up for most of the quirks.  But in the end, there are still some kinks in the app that can be pretty annoying. Firs of all you will have to gain some user experience before it gets easy to use and you will see that the controls and the actual operation of the app isn’t very straightforward.  Also, you may search and find a song but have no way to access the mp3 in order to go and listen to the music.  Just weird that this app would have music links but not actually have any music attached to it.

This app has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating by Android app users that have used the music player and have obviously enjoyed it quite a bit.  The other great thing about this app is that you can download it onto your Android phone from off of the Android app marketplace for free.

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