WHERE Android app Review


Use the WHERE Android app in order to better get around your local area and find all of the hidden hot spots that you have been looking for.



  • The Where Android app will give you information on all of the pertinent things in your town or city
  • You will be able to see where restaurants are and also read reviews from different consumers as to how they liked the food on the menu
  • You can also find local movie theaters and then see the movie show times and also read reviews on the new flicks that are coming out
  • You can also get news headlines from local papers and sources to see what’s happening in your area
  • You can find out where different gas stations are and what the prices are so that you can find the most affordable spot to fill up
  • You will also be able to update the weather frequently and even find out where all of your friends are at
  • You can also find any local businesses or events that are nearby and see reviews on just about everything that you find in there


This is one of those travel and location apps that lets you know where everything is at.  Literally.  You can find prices on gas at different gas stations, you can find some information out of the Yellow pages, you can find where movie theaters are and then also find out when the show times are, you can also get headlines from local news, or you can use the Zipcar finder, look and see how traffic conditions are and so much more.  You will also be able to do a little bit of social networking with the app when you use the where wall and see the message board so that you can post any comments you want that have to do with any of the features on the app.  You can talk about the latest news or about different restaurants.  They are also trying out some new features like the weather pulse to get a collection of tweets about the local weather for you to look at. The main con to this app is that the user interface has no uniformity about brand recognition.

This app has been given a rating of 4.2 stars out of a five star rating.  You can download this app onto your Android for free off of the Android app market place.

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