TripIt Travel Organizer Android app Review


The TripIt Travel Organizer Android app is a great way for you to be able to get your itinerary set up for your next vacation.



  • If you are looking for an easier way to plan out your next trip then look no further than TripIt Travel Organizer.    You will be able to check all of your travel plans from your phone, despite wherever you booked the travel
  • You will be able to get a lot of different features including the travel confirmation emails being forwarded to to help you start to create and build a good itinerary for your trip
  • This is a free app that you can use to access your information on your traveling at any time or at any place
  • You can also decide to go with the premium services which are great because they will let you know when there are certain alerts that have to do with your travel plans.  This could be an airport delay or anything similar
  • Another great part about the app is that is basically is an extension of the website so you will be able to access all of the same features, even the social aspect
  • You can get helpful information about your hotels, like directions on how to get there as well as the check in and check out times for them


The TripIt Travel Organizer Android app is really one of the best travel apps out there for the Android.  This is the official app from the popular travel website,  This site is great for anyone that wants to plan a trip that lets you add social aspects as well as plan vacations with friends.  You will be able to travel your itineraries so that you can see all of the icons that pertain to your trip.  You will be able to get confirmation emails as well for each of the items on your itinerary and also get detailed information about your booking.  You can get directions to the airport, and also directions to the hotel that you might be staying at.  There is additional helpful information that includes the check in and check out times of the hotel as well as much more that is linked to Google maps.  The only bad part about the app is that it can be pretty hard to sign into the app using the Google apps account information.

This app has been given a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars by Android app users that have used this app in their travels.  You can download this app onto your Android phone for free off the app marketplace.

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