Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.K. Android app Review


In Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.K. Android app you will be able to play one of the best first person fighter jet games ever.



  • In this amazing first person jet fighter game you will love how incredible the graphics are.  The entire thing is in a stunning 3D and you will get the sensation that you are actually flying through the sky
  • You can use a variety of different controls.  You can either use the onscreen joystick that is available or you can decide to go all natural and trust the accelerometer for all of you high flying stunts
  • The year that this game takes place in is 2014.  You will take the place of a guy named David Crenshaw and you will be working with a secret military company called artemis.  It is up to you to be able to provide support for all of the ground ghost recon units
  • You will have to get rid of all of the terrorist threats in order to make sure that there is peace around the globe.  The game is based off of the Tom Clancy novels so you can expect all kinds of twists and turns
  • The game really looks like it came right off of the PSP so you can rest assured you will get some pretty impressive graphics
  • There is also a multiplayer mode that is included in this game that allows you to play locally with up to four different players.  This adds a cool dimension to the game and how fun it is
  • This app can also save all of the really large games right onto the SD card with is nice so that you don’t have to get some kind of external device


This Tom Clancy game is a strictly mobile version of the popular game that is out for major gaming consoles.  You will essentially be put in the pilot’s seat of a jet fighter and will have to save the world.  The game looks amazing because everything is in 3D and you can either use the joystick that is on the actual touch screen or you can just use the accelerometer of the phone to be able to take the aircraft and make it do some amazing things in the cool environments.  You will have a lot of different mission goals as you move through the levels including ones that include some intense bombing sessions on ground enemies, as well as air combat.  Some even include you going to give support to troops on the ground.  There are a few cons to the game, however, including the fact that you won’t be able to use any multi touch features.  Also, you have to go and purchase this game off of the Gameloft site directly, and can’t get it off of the Android market place.

This app has been given a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars by multiple Android app users and currently can be downloaded onto your Android mobile phone for a price of only $4.99 from Gameloft.

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    nice game

  3. Jesus says:

    Strikingly similar to Tom Clancy’s HAWX. Learn to read before making a third-rate app review site.

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