The Moron Test Android app Review


With The Moron Test Android app you will be able to finally test your IQ and prove to your friends that they are actually the idiots, not you.  As you move through the challenging questions that are included in this fun little entertainment app you will have to pay attention to all the details so you don’t get called a moron!



  • This is the ultimate test to find out if you really are an idiot or not.  You will be able to go through the questions and the actions and have to prove what you claim to be
  • You can also test out your friends and family with the app to be able to separate the intelligent ones from the morons
  • The game is incredibly challenging and you will find that you will be frustrated sometimes, and incredibly entertained the rest of the time.  Overall, the game is highly addictive
  • If you’ve ever wished you had a good time wasting game on your Android phone then look no further.  You’ve just found it.
  • You will come across questions that are thought provoking, require actions, and even some questions that are meant to completely trick you


There are a lot of different puzzle and quiz games out for the Android but this is probably one of the best out there.  The game is actually pretty challenging and will become pretty addictive.  These types of games originated on the iPhone first, but have made their way over to the Android.  As you progress through the game you will notice that you are going to be called a moron.  Either you really are one, or you just need to learn how to answer the questions correctly.  You will have to run through some pretty intense questions and other actions in order to figure out how to solve the riddles and move on.  A lot of the questions in the game involve some tiny little clues that you won’t catch unless you are really playing attention.  Some of the questions might involve memory actions, and there could be others that are meant to deceive you.  If you want you can even share the results from the test with your friends and family over social networking sites like Facebook.

This app has been given some pretty good ratings by Android app users and currently sits at a 4.5 out of 5 stars.  You can also download this app for only $0.99 off of the Android app marketplace.

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