TeleNav GPS Navigator Android app Review


The TeleNav GPS Navigator is a great way to get around to wherever you need to go.



  • With this advanced navigation app you can actually get access to the road and the streets in whatever town you are in and have it in full color
  • You will also get to view the entire app all in three dimensions which is really cool and sets it apart from other GPS apps that are out on the Android
  • There is also an option to do a turn-by-turn navigation function so that you can get to your destination easily
  • There is also a speech recognition mode where you can talk into the app and tell it the directions or address of the location that you wish to go to
  • You can also get traffic alerts for your location that will allow you to re-route by only having to press a single little button
  • There are tons of different listings for businesses and you will find over 10 million


This little GPS app is actually the industry leading app for all GPS related apps.  This developer was actually the first one to develop any kind of navigation GPS tool for the Google Android phone.  This app is pretty all-inclusive so be sure to remember to not drive while you are using it or you could be a danger to yourself or others out on the road.  Also, this app will really kill your battery life so make sure that you have someone in the passenger seat operating the app and also make sure that you use some type of docking mount of power adapter in order to sustain your battery in your phone.  This little GPS app is completely loaded with different features and you will love that you can access the drive to, the maps, the tools, and also some really cool traffic information as well.  There are a few cons to the app, however, including the fact that the features on the app come with a $9.99 subscription per month to TeleNav.  This is required on top of your data plan so it can be pretty pricey.  But you do get to try out a thirty day free trial at first to just check it out and make sure that it is what you want.

This app has been given a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars by all of the different Android app users that decided to download the travel guide and try it out on their phones.  The main thing about this app that might hold people back from downloading it is that it actually costs $69.99 annually to purchase and download onto your phone.  Kind of a pricey little investment.

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