Talk To Me Android app Review


Use the Talk To Me Android app to convert entire sentences and phrases into a different language.



  • This app is great because you are able to just speak into the phone and have it translate the sentence into another language.  This is a great way to learn to communicate with people all over the world
  • You can either use the language speech and translate it to text or you can type in the search terms and have it convert it to speech.  There are all kinds of language options that will be available to you
  • Once you have completed a translation of a sentence or phrase you will then have the option of sharing it with somebody else.  You can do this either through an email with an audio recording or you can do it through an SMS text message
  • This is a great app to take around with you when you are exploring other areas of the world where you may not be fluent with the native language
  • There are also a ton of different language options that you can access when you are using the text to speech mode that is available on the app


Wouldn’t it be cool to go to another country, talk into your mobile phone, and then have it spit out the correct translation of whatever it is you were trying to say?  That is exactly what the Talk To Me Android app can do for you.  Another great application for this app is to translate things for friends and family and then either text them or email them the message.  You could email them the audio file itself or you could send it to them in text form.  You can also do the text to speech option as well if you would rather just type it, or if for some reason it isn’t picking up what you are trying to say.  This app is a great way to start learning another language and doing it in a fun, interactive way.  Also the technology on this app is also a lot better then the text to voice tech from Google.  The downsides to this app are that you can only translate from English to another language, and not the other way around.  Also, you are going to run into disparities here and there when entering in the voice command.

This app has been given some pretty decent ratings and currently holds a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 stars.  You can also download the app onto your phone for free off of the Android app Market place.

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