SportsTap Android app Review


The SportsTap Android app is really one of the best overall sports apps out for the Android.  Take the time to check it out and stay updated on your favorite teams.



  • This is the best aggregate of sports information that you are going to find on the Android.  It has a little bit of everything on here for you to access and look at
  • You will be able to follow leagues like the NBA, the NHL, the NFL, the NCAA, NASCAR, golf tournaments, MLB, and any tennis, soccer, or futbol games that are going on throughout the year
  • You can also follow any of your local teams by just using the localtap 2.0 feature
  • There is a notification system tha tyou can use in order to get alerts on your favorite teams and players.  There is also a home widget that you can access as well
  • Get top stories, return in-game plays and other statistics that you can’t find anywhere else


If you are looking for a sports portal that can be one your one stop shop when it comes to everything sports then look no further than the SportsTap Android app.  This thing is really one of the best mobile sports apps out there and it allows you to see all kinds of different information about any sport that you can imagine.  You can stay on top of all of your favorite leagues and you can do it all on the go.  This is an aggregate of all kinds of different sports information that you can access.    You will be able to see the top stories for each sport and league and you can also see the standings of your favorite teams as well as the season leaders.  You can also check out the stats of individual teams as well as the schedules of when they play.  The only major cons for this app are the fact that the background is constantly processing.  This means that your phone performance is lessened and it really can take its toll on your battery.  Also, one of the main features that this app is missing is the ability to see the video highlights from your favorite games with your favorite players.

This app has been rated and reviewed by a lot of different Android app users and it has gotten pretty decent overall ratings.  It is currently sitting at a 4.3 out of 5 star rating and can be downloaded for free off of the Android app marketplace.

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