Slacker Radio Android app Review


The Slacker Radio Android app is a great music player app that will let you create stations of streaming music a lot like Pandora.



  • The Slacker Radio Android app is a great way to listen to customized radio all from the convenience of your mobile Android phone
  • You can use this app to stream music from similar artists so that you can find a lot of new artists that play music that is close to the kinds of stuff you already liek
  • There is also a lot of customization that can be done with the stations.  You can personalize up to 120 stations from a variety of different music genres
  • There is a free trial you can download that allows you to skip up to six songs and then you will need to upgrade to the pro version which is like five bucks a month
  • The pro version also doesn’t have any advertisements at all which is super nice


Essentially, this is a little music player that will allow you to stream all kinds of high quality music right to your phone and then you can even create all kinds of predefined stations.  If you don’t like the stations that are given to you then you can actually create your own stations as well.  There are also some features that you will get with the pro version including the Station cache where you can actually take an entire station and then download it right onto your SD card so that it will save on the background and you can actually listen to that station later on in the day even if you don’t have a data or internet connection available.  How cool is that?  This also has some features that are similar to the popular Pandora app where you can just listen to a station  that has similar artists with very complementary music.  You can just stream these artists right to a station.  The other really big bonus is that you can actually have as many skips of songs as you would like as long as you are upgraded to the pro version.

This music player will actually stream live music and has gotten really good reviews from different critics that have actually tried it own on their own time.  The app is currently sitting at a 4.4 out of 5 stars and there is a free trial that you can start out with but then after that it costs $4.99 a month in order to keep using it.

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