Sherpa – Discover Your World Android app Review


The Sherpa – Discover Your World Android app is extremely helpful in showing you local attractions that you might be interested in.  The app uses adaptive technology to be able to find out the things that you like and then it will automatically display them for you.



  • With the Sherpa app you will be able to have all kinds of helpful information about whatever place you are in.
  • This app allows you to see local restaurants, shopping malls, or other concerts, attractions, or events, that you might like based off of your likes and dislikes
  • This app uses adaptive technology to help it learn as you go so that it will pattern it’s suggestions around that
  • It will automatically display any restaurants, or retailers that might be in line with what you really want
  • You can use the user interface to get more details on the location or even just to look it up on Google maps.  You can also get information on contacts and also reveiws
  • This is an all in one guide that you will love to have on you


The Sherpa app is a pretty cool thing because it is actually really useful.  This app will allow you to find a lot of information about you environment and other surroundings.    The app will actually start to learn the things that you like or dislike so that it can give you helpful suggestions.  You will be able to get displays of your favorite locations including restaurants, shopping outlets, and any other attractions or events that might be related to the things that you like.  Overall the app is actually really useful and it is even backed by T-Mobile.  It is extremely nice for the app to actually show you a bunch of different things that you can pick from.  You can spin the attractions around and pick which one you would like to do.  You can also see them on Google Maps as well.  The app continues to learn your likes and dislikes and uses adaptive learning technology to be able to help you have legitimate suggestions.

This app has been given a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars by Android app users and reviewers that have already checked it out and messed with it on their phones.  This app is also free for you to download onto your Android phone if you get it off of the app marketplace.

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