PrimoSpot Parking Android app Review


The PrimoSpot Parking Android app is the best way to get around NYC and Boston without struggling on finding places to park.



  • This app is the only way to go if you want to find a really good place to park in either Boston or New York.  You can find the very best spots around!
  • One of the great features about this app is that you will be able to get garage information including addresses and also the parking rates that are involved in that parking garage
  • You can also get pictures of the different parking areas including street shots, garage shots, and even pictures of the bike racks in the area
  • You will also be able to get alerts from the app letting you know if the spot you have chosen is actually a good spot or not.  It will also let you know if someone else has found the spot
  • The app uses the built in GPS of the phone to be able to give you addresses and then direct you right to that area of the city without any problems


The PrimoSpot Parking app can actually be a really great resource for anyone that lives in the big metro areas of either Boston or New York.  Whether you are biking or driving, this little app really can let you know the best places to park so that you are not stuck in traffic for hours on end.  This app really is your own personal inside man that will tell you when and where to park so that you can get a head start on everybody else.  You will also get a lot of other details as you play with the app including different addresses, whether or not the spot you are picking is a primo spot or a bad spot, you will also get alerts, you can get rules and photographs of each of the parking spots, and you can also get the contact info for any of the garages that you are looking at going to.  Lastly, you’ll also be able to find parking rates.  Only downside to this app is that it really is only helpful to someone who lives either in New York or Boston.  Otherwise it’s not even worth downloading.

This app has been given some pretty decent reviews from people who have tried it out.  It is currently sitting at a 4 star out of 5 star rating.  You can get onto the Android app Marketplace and download this app onto your phone after you purchase it for a price of $1.99.

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