FeedR News Reader Android app Review


The FeedR News Reader Android app is a great user interface to check out your favorite RSS feeds.



  • In the FeedR News Radar app you will be able to get your favorite RSS Feeds for all of your favorite things.  You can stay up to date on any weather feeds or sports blogs that are out there.  You can also look up the news feeds as well
  • This app does a great job of matching you up with exactly the type of feed that you are looking for.  You will go directly to your RSS feed news sources without having to worry about middlemen
  • You won’t have to worry about any types of advertisements or password sharing from Google accounts or anything like that
  • There are a few different reader types that also go along with this app including the ability to read Pod, Atom, and also RSS


This is one of the very best RSS readers that you are going to find on the Android operating system.  Out of all of the different features that are showcased on this app, the best one is still probably the ability to search for different RSS feeds while on it.  You could search for just about anything that you are interested in and you will see RSS feeds pop up.  You also will have a lot of different things to be able to help you out when you are searching.  For instance you will be bale to manage feeds and add new ones as well as get automatic updates.  You can even mark your very favorite feeds so that you can find them quickly and return to them quite often.  You can also look at the picture or images that come up or you can just click on any of the links that come up that will lead you back to the full article.    One of the other really nice parts about the app is that it is progressively downloading content which helps out a lot with your initial user experience.   All this really means is that all of the articles that you try and download will load extremely quickly.  This means that you will never really notice that it hasn’t downloaded everything unless you try to quickly scroll to the bottom of the article.

This is one of the better Android apps out there and it currently is sitting at a 4.2 out of 5 star rating by Android app users from all over.  This app can be downloaded onto your Android phone after it is purchased off of the Android app marketplace for a price of $0.99.

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