Buddy Runner Android app Review


The Buddy Runner app is a great way to stay on top of your fitness and health goals.  Keeps track of time, distance, calories, and route.



  • The Buddy Runner app is a great way for you to be able to keep track of all of your fitness goals.  You will be able to record all of your distances, your times, your pace, and much more.
  • The app also has a dashboard that can be used for personal use to be able to help you see what your recorded history is
  • You will be able to see results that have been visualized by the app and you can rest assured that all of your information is secure and private and not being shared by everyone on the network
  • You can also use this app in connection with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to be able to share your progress with friends and family that might be interested
  • While you are working out you can listen to your own music library so you don’t have to worry about the app providing music and it not being stuff that you like
  • There is also an audio feedback option that you can use to have your results read to you while you are working out
  • See how many calories you are burning and set some great fitness and weight loss goals for yourself


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have one of those super expensive GPS trainers for personal fitness?  Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore because this does the exact same thing and it is actually completely free to download.  You will be able to record all kinds of information, including the routes that you run, the distance of each of your runs, the time it takes to complete all of your runs, and also the kind of pace that you set as you went.  This is the perfect app for anyone that loves to go running or walking outside.  This is a way that you can keep track of all of your times and calories burned so that you can hold yourself accountable and achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.  One of the other really nice things about the app is that you can actually listen to your own music as you workout.  You can also save all of your runs and walks and look at the progress you’ve made at a later time.  You can also sync the app up with Google Maps to see exactly where you all went.  You can even have the statistics read out loud to you.

This app has been given a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars by users that have already downloaded the app and have had a chance to use it.  You can download this app off of the Android app marketplace for free.

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