Angry Birds Android app Review


The Angry Birds Android app is a must have for any mobile phone user.



  • The evil green pigs have stolen all of the eggs of the Angry birds and they are out for revenge!  You will have to go through each of the levels and take down the pigs in order to get the eggs back
  • You will have a few different birds at your disposal to bring down the house.  There are your typical red birds, your tiny black birds that can split into three different birds with the touch of a button, the yellow birds that can speed up and forcefully break through wood with a simple tap, and also the bomb birds that can explode once they have hit the fortresses
  • The physics engine in this game is pretty awesome and you will love how realistic it all looks as you are trying to hit certain places on the fortresses in order to get the most points and kill all of the pigs
  • The graphics and gameplay in the game are incredibly smooth and you will love how fluid it is as you go from level to level
  • The gameplay is also very challenging but very addictive.  You will play this game over and over again for hours trying to get a higher score
  • If you can beat the level without using all of the birds you will get bonus points for each extra bird that is left over


With how popular this game was on the iPhone, it only makes sense that it makes its way to the Android.  This app has some very fun and simple graphics but they look pretty amazing on the Android.  The controls are also very fluid as you fling birds out of the catapult and try to take out the green pigs by destroying the buildings around them.  The game is very simple in nature but you will find some of the levels are really hard to beat.  You will have to try multiple times just to be able to progress, and then go back and play them over and over again to try and get three stars on all of the levels.  This is one of the best games for the Android, and once the full version comes out, it is sure to be a real hit.  With the beta version you can enjoy 15 different levels that include 4 different types of angry birds.  You will have to use strategic and tactical hits to bring down the buildings and kill the pigs.

This is the Android version of the wildly popular iPhone app.  It lives up to all of the hype and has the same fluid controls and amazing graphics of the one on the iPhone.  It currently has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars by Android app users and you can download it onto your phone for free since it is a beta version right now.

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