ADW. Launcher Android app Review


The ADW. Launcher is a great home replacement app for the Android.


  • The ADW. Launcher app is great because it is an ideal home replacement app for you phone other than the default one that is already on there
  • There are a lot of features that come along with this app including the fact that you can customize all of your desktop previews right from the app
  • You will also have access to the customizable application drawer where you can drag and drop things into it as well as use the left action button and the right action button (LAB and RAB)
  • You will be able to open up another 6 shortcuts from the app drawer button by flicking it up and unveiling the dockbar
  • You can have up to 7 different home screens if you want so that you can put down all of your different apps and widgets that you are downloading
  • You can also get a list of all of the Android apps as you swipe between your different home screens

ADW.Launcher Android App is a home screen replacement app that takes the favor mostly from the app launcher menu from Android 2.2 (Froyo). The difference ADW.Launcher offers is individual control at various levels of the launcher… lets dig in.


The best way to describe the ADW app is that it is actually a really cool home screen replacement app.  This is an app that will be a favorite from the app launcher menu for the Froyo operating system.  The best feature of this app is that you will actually have individual controls at a bunch of different levels of the app launcher.  There are a lot that are included but some of the most noteworthy are that of the screen preferences where you can actually control how many panels you want on your home screen.  You can also decide if you want any kind of live wallpaper.  There is also a drawer setting where you can configure your rows, columns and animation.  There is a previews setting where you can change stuff if you want, but it’s usually better to leave alone.  And then there is the user interface settings where you can drag and drop icons into the left and right action buttons.

This app has been given a pretty decent rating from Android app users and currently is sitting at a 3.8 star out of 5 star rating system.  You can also download this app right onto your mobile Android phone for free.

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