WaveSecure Mobile Security Android app Review


The WaveSecure Mobile Security Android app will keep your phone safe as well as allow you to locate it whenever you lose it.



  • Not only is this an anti theft app, it also boasts a variety of other features that make it incredibly useful for Android app users
  • You can protect your phone as well as backup and save all of your data and privacy information just in case you lose the phone or it gets stolen from you
  • This app will allow you to track all of your changes in SIM and also locks, backs up, and can wipe out and restore date if needed to
  • If you lose your phone then you can get online and see exactly where you left it so that you can pick it up before the battery dies and you lose it forever
  • This has remote functions such as lock, locate, and wipe so that you can use them even when you are not right at your home or by a computer
  • You can also upload media, but the app costs around twenty bucks a year so just be prepared for that


Overall, this is one of the best security apps out there for the Android.  If you are the kind of person who is always setting down there phone and forgetting where you put it, then this app will save your butt multiple times.  If you ever do that then you can just hop online and find out exactly where you may have left it.  This app is also great for people who need to reset their phone and restore all the apps and information you had on it from the computer.  The main con to this app is the price but it has enough features that it really will make up for it (as long as you use them).  For one you can set daily backups of all of your SMS contacts as well as your call logs.  It does this while it is charging so that you don’t have to worry about your battery being drained while it is happening.  There is also a brand new version of the app out now that will allow you to backup all of your media as well.  This way you can save your ringtones, your pictures, and all of your videos that you may have saved.  This is a sweet security app that does so much more.

This app has been given a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.  This is one of the best ratings ever for an app out for the Android.  The main con of this app is that it will cost  you $19.90 a year in order to install and download it onto your phone.

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