Runstar Android app Review


The runstar Android app is great because it allows you to track your running distance, speed, elevation, and time so that you can continually progress and reach all of your running goals.



  • The runstar app is really great because it literally is the only running app you will ever have to download and try out on your phone.  You will never need another one until you get a new phone
  • There are a few different modes on here to help give you motivation and freedom in your workouts.  You will be able to participate in the Free Run and also the Power up modes
  • You can set your monthly goals on here so that you always know what you are trying to achieve and then you can go and check out your progress and see how you are doing with all of it
  • You can also share the results you get with any friends and family that might be interested.  Maybe it is a competition between friends to see who can do the most exercise and lose the most weight
  • You can also create a playlist of your favorite music to listen to as you are out there working hard and running your guts out


If you love to run a lot and you are always curious about how long or far you are running then it is high time for you to get a running app that you can use on your phone.  The benefit to having this is that your phone already has a built in GPS so having an app like this will allow the phone to record your distance, your speed, your time, when you were slower, your elevation, and so much more.  The runstar Android app does all of this and more and you will love how it has a few different settings and coachings to help you get better at running and so you can start reaching the goals that you have set.  You can use the Free Run or Power Up modes to increase your workout and to start losing the weight that you are trying to keep off for good.  Another kind of fun thing that this running app will let you do is you can actually create your own music list so that you can run to songs that really pump you up and help you get into rhythm.  You can share all of your results with friends and family and you can track your progress as you go.

The runstar Android app has gotten favorable reviews from Android app users that have tried it out and it is currently sitting at a 4.1 out of 5 stars on the scale.  You can also download this app right onto your Android cellular phone for free.

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