psx4droid (PSX Emulator) Android app Review


The psx4droid (PSX Emulator) Android app is a great way for you to be able to get a hold of all of your favorite games from the early 2000’s and late 90’s and then bring them around with you wherever you go.  You will have to find the roms online but once you do you can save the games on your phone and pick up and play whenever you have a minute or two.



  • This is a sweet Playstation emulator for the Droid and you will be able to use it the best on your high-end Android phones
  • This app has all kinds of features including the ability to play roms that are in ISO, BIN, ZNX, Z, PBP, IMP, and Eboot formats
  • You can use a wiimote controller to play them or you can use the trackball and dpad that is included on the phone
  • The other great thing about the emulator is that you will be able to save your game and put it on your memory card for future use
  • You can also get overlays for your virtual controls to help make the process easier.  You can also get some scaling modes


The psx4droid emulator is a really cool way to drag your favorite playstation games around with you at all times.  This app will be able to bring the late 90’s back to life as you go through the game titles and find the ones that you used to (or still) play.  Once you have installed and downloaded the emulator you will need to go and download some roms, but be careful that you don’t get any viruses on your computer or on your phone.  Find a reputable site that you can download the roms from and then have a hey day with it.  There are a few gripes with this app, however, including that you have to jump through a lot of different hoops in order to set up the roms and the emulator properly.    You have to also convert all of your roms to BIN file types in order to be able to play them.  Some of these roms can be pretty laggy and this can really affect your gameplay.  One of the best sites to get roms at is doperoms.  Check it out and enjoy all of your favorites from the old system.

This app has been given a rating of 4 out of 5 stars by users and reviewers and can be downloaded onto your Android for $5.99.

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