MONOPOLY Here and Now for Android app Review


In the Monopoly Here and Now for Android app you will be able to play as your favorite icons and buy and sell the properties of today!



  • In this monopoly app you will be able to play your favorite board game in all with a modern feel!  The names of places have been changed in order to make it feel a bit more realistic
  • You will also find that the money has been adjusted for inflation over the years so you will feel like you are playing with real money in this game
  • You can buy and sell properties like Fenway Park, Times Square, or even Waikiki Beach.  You will love trying to get a hold of your very favorite properties and then making other people pay you when they stay there
  • There are also some brand new animated icons such as a labradoodle, a cell phone and even a hybrid car
  • The controls are very simple to use and all you will have to do is just roll the dice and then you can move your player around and keep score
  • The graphics and animations are all in 3D and you will love how crisp and clear they are
  • You can also customize the controls and go through quick games of play


If you are a monopoly lover then you are sure to love this mobile rendition of the popular game.  In this version of the game you will be able to play on a board where all of the places have been changed in order to give it more of a modern feel.  For instance Times Square is now in the place of Boardwalk and you will also have the monetary values adjusted for inflation so everything feels a bit more realistic and you will feel like you are trading property from today and not from the past.  This game also allows you to have up to four different players and you will be able to either have other friends participate or you can just play against the AI players that are included in the game.  You can also pick what difficulty levels you want so that you can gain a little confidence before you tackle the really hard players.  You can also customize the rules to be either the house rules or you can add your own rules.  It is a very past paced game and easy to play and will provide you hours of money making entertainment.

This app has been given a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars and can be downloaded onto your Android phone for only $6.99 from off of the Android app marketplace.

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