iMeem Android app Review


The iMeem Android app is one of the better music players out right now for the Android.



  • This is a sweet way to really make your Android phone start singing.  You will be able to enjoy all kinds of streaming music on your phone and it is all free
  • You will be able to discover some new musical artists and be able to start expanding your music library
  • You can also easily download any song that you like right off of the Amazon MP3 store, just click on the little icon right next to it
  • Navigating around the app is also pretty easy, all you have to do is just pick the tab that you want and then if you want even more interesting facts you can press the menu button.  You can look for stations, search and even some downloads
  • There is also a bunch of other features including the featured section, the favorites section, the recent section, and also the search feature
  • This app is a lot like Pandora because it will play artists and songs that are all very similar to each other, that way you can find new artists that you may really like a lot


This is a pretty decent music player for the Android.  You can use the Featured list to go through and play all of your songs in the favorites section and you can also spotlight new and upcoming artists on here as well.  There is also a section to see the top 100 on iMeems.   Whenever you come to an artist that you really like and you want to save his song as a favorite all you have to do is to simply tap on the little heart icon that is showing up on the screen and it will be moved into your favorites section.  You can also have it do a Pandora-like feature where it will play similar artists and songs so that you can find some new music that you didn’t even know that you liked.  There are a few gripes with this app though, including the fact that the accuracy of the player to play similar artists is not always correct.  Also, the shuffle option would sometimes play the exact same songs or type of music rather than picking new ones.  The app needs more hit songs and songs in general to be able to compete with the other big music player apps out there.

This app has been given a rating of 4 out of 5 stars by Android app users.  You can download it onto your own Android phone for free.

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