Heavy Gunner 3D Android app Review


In the Heavy Gunner 3D app you will be able to test your mettle against the evil alien forces that have come to destroy humanity.



  • This is one of the very best inter galactic shooter games that is out for the Android right now.  The graphics are one of the best parts of the game because it is entirely in 3D
  • The other thing that you will really love about the game is that the controls are extremely original and intuitive.  You will be able to mess with the dual stick controls and then be able to blast different enemies from each of the different sides.  This way you can independently aim your guns
  • The game is actually pretty large to be able to get it on your phone.  It will take up 25MB of space on your SD card and it is probably best to download it off of your WiFi rather than the 3G network
  • This game also makes full use of the accelerometer so you will be able to play in this addictive first person shooter game with these movement controls
  • The game does a great job of mixing vibration, display, movement, accelerometer,  and sound to bring you an all around amazing gaming experience on the Android operating system
  • You will have to defend against alien enemies and see how many you can take down before you get killed by them.  If you can reach your quota then you can  move on to the next round and even start posting your scores up on the global rankings


This app is dope.  The controls are amazing and they fully utilize everything that the Android operating system is capable of.  The game itself is also really fun to play.  You will be in a first person shooter game that uses the accelerometer and you will have to try and take down a bunch of alien craft before you yourself get knocked out.  There is a certain quota to meet to be able to move onto the next level and you will have to be able to control the dual stick controls in order to advance.  You can aim your weapons independently to be able to take down more fighters.  Heavy Gunner touts a game that is completely in 3D and that has all of the options to be able to be one of the best games on the system.

This app has been given a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users and can currently be downloaded for $4.99 from the Android app marketplace.

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