Google Chrome to Phone Android app Review


The Google Chrome to Phone Android app is a great way to connect your computer and your phone and to send links and videos that can be easily opened up using the built in web browser.


  • The Google Chrome to Phone Android app is great because it is the best way for you to be able to link maps, videos, and other links between your computer that is running Google Chrome and also your phone
  • You will also be able to select phone numbers and text them or email them to yourself or other people
  • You will need to install a few things, however, including the Google browser extension that is meant for your little computer
  • If you send a Google Maps link then it will launch the Google Maps app
  • If you love videos off of YouTube then you can launch the YouTube player app right off of the screen
  • You can also send web pages that once you open them or click on them they will immediately open up in the browser on your phone


The Google Chrome to Phone app is pretty sweet because it offers some incredible features on the Android version 2.2.  You will be able to send links from webpages which will automatically launch the web page from the browser that is located on the phone.  You can also send your friends some pretty cool Google Maps that will link and load up right inside of the default map application that is located on the phone.  If you love YouTube then you can just send the video links and if your friends click on it it will launch the viewer so they can see the video that you are sending.  You can also send phone numbers to people and by copying the simple text you can paste them into SMS messages  or even just put them inside of emails if that is what you prefer to do.  Another really convenient feature is that soon you will be able to just open Android Market links up from the web browser and just download them straight from the internet instead of just the marketplace.

This app has gotten awesome ratings from reviewers.  It is currently sitting at a 4.75 out of 5 stars and is considered a “must have” for Android app users.  The other bonus about the app is that it is completely free to download and install off of the Android app marketplace.

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