BackBreaker Football Android app Review


The BackBreaker Football Android app is a great way to pass the time as you use the accelerometer to try and outwit your defenders and get into the endzone.



  • The best part about this game is that you are going to love the amazing 3D graphics that are included.  They will literally blow you away. It shows how much progress has gone into game development on the Android
  • The controls on this game are also a lot of fun.  The game is based entirely around the accelerometer so you will have to use it wisely to get away from all of the defenders that will be coming your way
  • The point of the game is to juke all of your opponents as you are running down the field and you will try to make it to the endzone to score
  • There are a variety of different difficulty levels that you can try out to be able to suit your skill level.  You can also try out the challenge and the endurance modes.  There are 80 levels total in these
  • You can also customize your player as much as you want.  You can score points by getting nearly tackled, by misses, by doing tricks, by showboating, and also by the time it took to get to the end


This is a pretty cool football game for the Android phone.  You will love the 3D graphics that are included and you will feel like you are really there on the gridiron trying to intimidate and destroy your opponents.  One of the really cool things about this game is that you will be able to control it with the use of the built in accelerometer in the phone.  The whole point of the game is to try and get to your end zone by juking and jumping out of the way of all the defenders that are trying to stop you.  You will rack up points along the way and the better you do the more points you get.  The graphics are amazing and really show off how far Android gaming has come.  You will probably want to have a higher end Android phone in order to get the most out of this game.  This game pretty much is a watered down version of the Xbox game, and they just took the play mode called tackle alley and recreated it on your mobile phone.

This app has been given a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars by users and critics that have played through the game and seen the gameplay elements.  This app can also be downloaded onto your mobile Android phone for the price of $2.99.

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