ASTRO File Manager Android app Review


The ASTRO File Manager Android app allows you to backup all of your documents and applications and save space on your internal phone memory.



  • This is one of the better file managers for the Android operating system.  It allows you to free up space on your phone while putting stuff on the SD card instead of in your low internal phone memory
  • With this app you can actually download any file with the browser that is located on the phone
  • Once you have downloaded the file off of the browser you can then browse through them, create new folders, extract zip files, and also back up and restore your applications
  • You do this by putting it on your SD card and then deleting it on your phone.  If you want to use the application again then you just need to reinstall it from the SD card
  • You can also create shortcuts to your files, send them as attachments to other people, create thumbnails, use the multiselect function to pick a bunch of different files and also search through them and save images text and html viewers
  • You can copy, paste, move, delete, organize, create folders, open up stuff with the help of other apps, and much mroe


This file manager app is great because it lets you backup all of your Android apps onto your SD card.  This is a great thing for most Android users because the actual internal memory on the phone is pretty small so this is a way that you can preserve that space and put most of it on your SD card.  You can backup the installer files which are APK files onto your SD card and then you can go onto your phone and just uninstall the app and free up more space.  In order to use the app again all you have to do is just go into the backup and reinstall it onto your phone.  The other nice thing about this app is that you will not have to use a computer in order to manage the files that are currently on your phone.  You can actually copy files, paste files, or just move them around on your phone to different locations.  You can also delete files, open them with other apps, and also create folders and stuff to keep it all organized.  You can also select a variety of different files in order to perform actions.

This app has been given a rating of 4.3 stars out of a 5 star rating scale.  This app can really help with organization of the files and apps on your SD Card.  The other bonus to this app is that it is free for you to be able to download off of the Android app marketplace.

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