Vlingo: Words to Action Android app Review


In the Vlingo: Words to Action Android app you will be able to harness the power of voice to text all through your Android phone.  Write texts and emails and have them read back to you all without ever having to use your hands.



  • The Vlingo app does a great job of using the intelligence and accuracy of the Android operating system to help you text and call without ever having to press anything on your phone
  • There is a simple little widget that goes on the home screen that you can tap in order to speak and send all of your emails and text messages
  • You can also update your Twitter account, dial and do a whole lot more with only using your voice
  • There is a Safe Reader function where the app will also read your emails and your text messages back to you so that you can go hands free
  • The voice to text app is extremely accurate and you will love that it allows you drive without ever having to look at your phone to communicate with other people
  • There is a super dialer feature that will allow you to search for businesses and get maps, phone number info, address, and even navigation on how to get there
  • You can also integrate this app with any text input that is on your phone


The Vlingo: Words to Action app is actually pretty awesome.  You can dial all of your different contacts or search for business all by voice.  Not only that you can send text messages, write and send emails, browse the internet, open other apps, and even perform local searches.  The speech recognition feature on the app is pretty incredible and you will find that it gets most of the the words and sentences you say correct.  It can also read your incoming text messages and emails to you.  Sometimes it butchers the words pretty good, but overall it is fairly accurate.  The only gripes that have been mentioned about the app is that you can’t use your Bluetooth device in order to help with voice dialing and safe reader.  Also, when you are done talking to the app you actually have to physically press the “done” button in order to finish your little segment of speaking which kind of eliminates the not having to press anything feature.

This app has been given a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars but is a bit more expensive to download onto your phone.  It costs $9.99 to download off of the app marketplace.

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