Vignette Android app Review


In the Vignette Android app you will be able to add some super cool effects to all of your pictures in your photo gallery as well as any that you might take from here on out.  There is an amazing digital zoom and the pictures can all be made into high resolution shots.  Enjoy this fun little photography app!



  • This app is great because you can take your existing photos and you can add all kinds of cool effects to them.  You can add both video camera effects as well as film effects
  • There are over 62 different effects that you can try out on your photos which will keep you pretty busy for  long while trying to see how each of them can affect your pictures
  • There are also 21 different frames you can choose for you pictures once you are done editing all of them
  • There is full resolution for all of the pictures that you mess with and you will also have the flash feature if it is available on your phone
  • The zoom on the app is awesome.  Up to 10x zoom an you can also use the self timer functions as well as the geotagging functions for an extra measure of fun
  • Some of the key effects are the normal effect, the vignette effect, the porta effect, the velvia effect, the ilford efffect, and much more


Overall, this is a pretty sweet little camera app for the Android.  You can make a ton of cool visual effects and put them right into your pictures.  You can import pictures from your photo gallery and start editing right away and have some fun with it.  Also, there is a great zoom feature on the camera that you can utilize to go in almost 10 times.  Keep in mind that you also have the option of geotagging your pictures for even more extended fun.  The only con in this app that has been brought out is that the Pro version can really only handle a megapixel resolution of 5 or lower.  You would think that the paid version would get a little better resolution but it doesn’t look like it from here.

This app has been given great reviews and currently has a 4.4. out of 5 star rating by Android app users.  The other great part about this photography app is that it has a free trial you can check out before you buy the full version.

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