Useful Switchers Android app Review


With the Useful Switchers Android app you will have one convenient location to be able to to turn on and off all of your most important system settings.



  • Have you ever wished there was an easier way to turn things on and off without having to go through your settings menu and tabs?  Well now there is with the Useful Switchers app
  • You can use this app to streamline functions that you use frequently for work, play or for your hobbies
  • You can toggle your wireless (wifi) bluetooth so that you can quickly get online, or you can toggle the screen brightness to help you see when you need to and turn it low when you don’t need it as much
  • You can also toggle your screen timeout, you can switch between your 2G and 3G networks very easily,  you can turn on the airplane mode when necessary, and you can also see the stas for your battery life
  • You can use it to see the SD card and the internal memory storage, and you can also use it for the flashlight app to be able to turn your brightness down or up
  • It is extremely easy to use, you simply launch the app and then get cracking on setting up your toggle switches
  • Everything on the user interface is extremely compact and easy to use


There are always system settings that you end up using a lot more than others.  This can be because of personal tastes or even work related.  The amount of different switches that you use will completely depend on the individual and what they are using their smartphone for.  With the Useful Switchers app you will be able to quickly toggle these different settings on and off so you don’t have to go through a bunch of different menu options to be able to help you save battery.  For instance if you use the wifi a lot then you will wan to be able to quickly turn it on when you need to use it, however, if you leave this on while you are not using the phone it will quickly drain your battery.  Using this app you can turn it on and off extremely easily and streamline and make the most out of using your phone.

This app has been rated by multiple users and has gained a general consensus for a 4.1 out of 5 stars.  The other great thing about the app is that you can download it for free but they do ask for  $2.99 donation.

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