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How many times have you gone into a restaurant and then got to the end of your meal and realized that you don’t have any idea how much the tip is supposed to be?  Granted 15% of the bill should be a tip, but who wants to do the math to try and add that up?  With the Tippobillosplitamus Android app you will be able to have a slick and easy way to add up a tip as well as split the bill.  This little app has a lot of different features that you will be able to try out and you will never have to use your brain to calculate a tip ever again.



  • You will be able to enter in multiple totals and then then also put in the taxes that are required for both food tax and liquor tax.  You do all this by using the plus key
  • There is a little medal system that you can use in order to rate the service you received and see suggested tips to give.  The app will attribute tip percentages based on the medals you give out
  • You can choose your own currency symbol, depending on where in the world you are at when you are eating
  • You can round the amounts for either cash purposes or card purposes
  • You can also see the exact rounded amounts and you can do so very clearly and almost simultaneously
  • You can split up the bill a million different ways and update the remaining due amounts


The Tippobillosplitamus app is a cool little tip calculating app that makes restaurant math an incredibly easy thing.  You can bust it out and find out how much you owe by paying a 10%, 15%, or 20% tip in no time.  You can also use many of the other features in the app to help figure out tax on foods and liquor and you can even rate the service that you have received.  The only gripe with this app is that although it does its job as a tip calculator, how come it costs $2.00?  Really, do you need the extra tax features and bill splitting features?  They are nice, but a person could do a simple amount of math on the phone calculator and still be able to find out the answer.  I know that a couple bucks really isn’t that much, but its more than I want to pay for a simple calculator.  But if convenience is your thing then this might be a great tip calculating app for you to invest in.

This app has been given a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars and you can currently download it onto your Android phone for only $2.00.

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